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Cheshire Search And Rescue (CSAR) are a team of volunteers who are on call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and are ready to deploy in any weather. We receive no government funding whatsoever. The team is extremely well trained and equipped and we assist Cheshire police and other statutory emergency services. We are proud members of the Association of Lowland Search and Rescue and train and work with local Mountain Rescue teams.

Professional in all but pay.

Latest news

Tuesday 17 May


We were called at 1415 hrs by Cheshire Police asking us for an immediate call-out to Delamere, to search for a missing woman who had last been seen at home at 0900 hrs the previous day. Read more...

Saturday 14 May


The team was called out at 1018 hrs to search for a missing girl in Oulton Park. Thankfully, the girl was found quickly and the team was stood down at 10:53.

Tuesday 10 May


At tonight's training in Delamere Forest we were joined by Cheshire Police Chief Constable Simon Byrne. It was a great evening demonstrating what we can do to assist the fantastic Cheshire Constabulary and to demonstrate some of the specialist skills we can use to help in an emergency.

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